Sunday, December 21, 2008

Epic Space Marine

The recent posts over at the Bell of Lost Souls had gotten be thinking about my old Epic Space Marine game. This was my first 40K Era game and was not played anywhere near as much as my second edition Blood Bowl or Dark Future games. My mother, who still lives in the home I grew up in, stored it for me for the eight years I lived around the country until I moved into a house near by(about 1 hour away). I decided just to grab a couple of quick pics of some still pretty pristine almost 20 year old pieces.

Here are a small sampling of the vehicle type objects.

Boxes which make up my collection. The Eldar are pretty lame just a ton of grav tanks and the same 6 mm model with different colored bases to represent different types of units. Notice the Epic Squats. I wonder if Squats still have a army list in Epic.

Heresy Era Landspeeder.

Heresy Era Imperial Robot



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