Saturday, November 29, 2014

Reaper Posts Bones II Preview Images

Reaper has added a bunch of their Kickstarter Bones II models to their preview page.  Hopefully this bodes well to people getting them in the not to distant future.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

GWs Worldwide CEO Hunt Finds Guy in Next Office

In impressive turnaround from supposed interviews last week, GW has announced that Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Rountree as new CEO.  I am sure that his letter was quite impressive and he is clearly the most qualified person with innovative ideas about separating the ever decreasing GW customer base from their money.

GW has been making some interesting moves with the recent releases.  The end of times books are bringing some life to the dead WFB scene but these seem like a series of very expensive transition materials which will probably be rendered not really necessary in short time.  Rules with models is a positive step but the costs are still pretty high for mass produced plastic.  The start up costs are still to high.  The new rules only book is over 50 dollars add in a 50 dollar codex and you are over a hundred to start without any models.  I will wait and see.  The models are just using up space in the garage right now and there is still space for them currently so no real issues about waiting.  Lots of games to play and models to buy from other companies. 

I did break my no GW spending rule last weekend when I picked up 4 dollars of liquid green stuff to try to fill some minor blemishes on some resin stuff.  Ofcourse these are resin pieces that work out to be a like two dollars per man sized figure as opposed to GW 8-12 dollars so a little more work is acceptable.

Back when the job opening was announced I said that the listing was really a farce to allow claims about an extensive search while naming exactly who they had chosen before the announcement.  I noted that you do not give a 180 M pound company to someone who wrote a nice letter.  They might have had a few candidates in mind who actually competed for the positions but I would guess that the serious contenders was more than you can count on a single hand.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Reaper Announces Further Delay in Bones II Kickstarter

In a shocking to no one annoucement, Reaper has said that they now do not expect to start shipping out the Reaper Bones II kickstarter rewards until January of 2015.  I was hoping to get them by Christmas but that will not be the case.  Best case since I am a mid wave backer I am guessing March which misses even Valentines day.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Blood Bowl: Blogger vs Blogger Grudge Match

Tonight Black Death takes on HakoMikes Skalf's Stonecutters to see who are the meanest and ugliest dwarves in the league.  Ofcourse it is not really a grudge match since Mike is is a great guy but it will be a very uphill match for the Death down 500K in team value to this veteran team.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

X-Wing: Rebel Transport X-Wing

I decided to split the X-Wing Rebel Transport into two posts.  One on the X-wing included and one on the transport.  The X-Wing is a repaint of the same ship available in the starter set or X-wing expansion pack.  The X-Wing now has the most options available in terms of pilots of any rebel ships with 10 pilots.  The new paint is pretty reasonable.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Reaper Shows Off New Retail Packages for Big Bones

Reaper sent out their latest update for the second Bones kickstarter which had images of the packaging for the two really big bones kits.  The have vacuum formed plastic inserts for holding the parts which is a great idea for these items.  Bones are know to have issues with bending so this should hopefully limit that for the shipping and waiting to use times.

These are both big kits as you can see the tiny blue Knight Forscale in front of the boxes.  I ordered both these kits so I will see how they turned out sometime in the future.  The shipping has still not started and all of the production has not been completed so Christmas is looking like a stretch.