Sunday, July 5, 2015

All the Sections from the Skull Pass Mini Rulebook Longer than Age of Sigmar

So as a quick check I was wondering how the old rulebook from 7th edition compares to the new rules:

Playing the Game (2 Pages)
Characteristics (1 Page)
Units (4 Pages)
The Turn (1 Page)
Movement (14 Pages)
Shooting (7 Pages)
Close Combat (15 Pages)
Psychology (6 Pages)
Weapons (4 Pages)
Monsters (4 Pages)
Chariots (3 Pages)
Skirmishers (3 Pages)
Flyers (2 Pages)
Fast Cavalry (1 Page)
Unit Strength (2 Pages)
Characters (7 Pages)
Command Groups (2 Pages)
Generals&BattleStandards (1 Page)
Warmachines (11 Pages)
Special Rules (4 Pages)
Buildings (4 Pages)
Special Features (2 Pages)
Victory (2 Pages)
The Magic Phase (7 Pages)
Lores of Magic (9 Pages)
Magic Items (3 Pages)

So 7 sections of the book are longer and 4 are the same length.  Nothing wrong with short and concise rules but hard to squeeze a lot of depth into 4 pages.  But this game is all about freedom right.  I think the change from formed units to all essentially skirmishers is the biggest change and takes away a lot of the game play structure.  But the game was not selling well so needed to be 40Kified.  I never played Fantasy but I would guess that is more about limited free time as I got the Skull Pass a few weeks before my first child was born.  I seemed to have less free time after that for some reason.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Age of Sigmar: Yeah Keywords

Went through the rules last night probably when I should have been painting.  They are very bare bones and probably will only work in a very friendly style setting.  All the complexity of the game and details have been pushed into the unit descriptions so your average army list will be longer than the game rules.  I did like the units have keywords listed to help identify them in terms of other models and their abilities.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Age of Sigmar: Serious Trimming 250 to 40

Currently I estimate that their are about 250 general choices for units in Warhammer Fantasy Battles.  This is based on the 582 items in the webstore with about 15% bundles and bits and about half of those Heroes of various types who need some counting but not every single one distinct.  The new Age of Sigmar is supposed to have about 40 warscrolls as part of the free download.  If you divide those up against the 9 groups you get about 5 each which is probably broken down to like combat infantry type, shooting infantry type, cavalry type, warmachine/monster type, and Leader/Hero Type.  Given that their were like 15 factions before the End of Times means that each classic army might only have a unit or two that really represents its nature.  Interesting issue here is all those super expensive End of Times Show Piece models might be pretty hard to get through such a compaction.  Maybe they will return as the "Gods of War"hammer in the future.

While it is hard to complain about free rules, I think existing players with large collections are not going to be very happy with the homogenization of their forces.  Now the question is as GW moves forward and releases new units and books will more of these old models have correspondences or will they intentional design them such that they do not match past models well.

GW does seem to be going in the right direction in some senses with the free rules and making the game playable at lower entry points where something like a battalion box is a playable force as opposed to a joke.  This sort of helps them with a expensiveness of the individual miniatures but does go counter to their injected plastic molding production which is about volume.

Maybe this is inspired genius since if you make the units generic enough and the games smaller, people who did not think they could field a WFB army now can make up a Age of Sigmar force out of what they have to give it a go.  Instant player base maybe larger than just the active WFB players. While I did not think is possible that I could field a force for this game as I have no units just lots of fantasy skirmish, I do have 2 units of elves from Mantics Dwarf Kings Hold Green Menace and more than enough Elven Heros/ Fantasy Monster Types to Fill it out.  Also got 2 units of Undead from the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter (originally for the first Dwarf Kings Hold) inbound for another small force.  Ofcourse those models would look really funny verses the huge new AoS minis since they are all pretty small compared to old GW fantasy scale.


I am wrong.  All sorts of units for all the old armies.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Age of Sigmar, Now Thats Interesting

So I will start this discussion with a bit of a disclaimer.  First, I am not a WFB player.  I picked up a Skull Pass box like 9 years ago and a few assorted dwarves along the way plus the two associated army books and the full rulebook on sale but have parted ways with most of those models in the last 5 or so years.  So I am not really vested.  I am also on the 6 Month Miniature Mountain Painting and Reduction Challenge so I am not buying any new games until about christmas time.  This could be the best game ever made I would not be buying it right now, but I did want to share my thoughts as a general watcher of GW business trends.

So there are two areas to consider, The New Models/Armies/Fluff and the New Rules coming to the Warhammer World.  I will start with the models and such.

Monday, June 29, 2015

6MMRPC: Failure

That was quick.  My 11 day family vacation combined with other things have stripped me of time to work on anything recently so I had no hobby post last week.  I did not buy any new models though so just need to get back to painting once I get my sleep schedule returned to normal.

Maybe that should be how I spend a Joker to cover my lack of hobby post last week as opposed to having bought some miniatures.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Back From Road Trip

We were on a road trip down to Austin Texas for the last 11 days.  That explains the lack of progress in the painting and such.  Getting ready at work and home for such a trip is pretty time consuming.  We actually left Austin about a week before the big game con which is funny.  Keeping myself on my 6MMRPC, I did not go to any game stores during the trip.  Had a great time but now need to get back going with stuff at work, home, and lastly hobby.

Monday, June 15, 2015

6MMRPC: Blood Bowl 4th Edition Big Guys

For this weeks installment of Miniature Mountain Reduction Mondays, we look at the 4th edition big guys for Blood Bowl.  I have had these guys for a little while now but am only now getting them assembled.   While I guess some people paint then assemble I usually assemble then paint at some later point (often decades).

The Lizardman Kroxigor  comes with 2 different head options.  I went with the crested one.  He goes with the 4th edition Lizardman team which I am sort of light on guys for with only the basic team box.

His tail sticks quite a was out but the model is pretty slim besides that.

Minotaur for the Chaos team which I apparently have never posted.  The third edition minotaur is really the star player so this guy is the new basic one.

Definitely needs some green stuff gap filling still.

Here is the troll for the 3rd edition goblin team.  More of the swamp type than the more comical looking ones like ripper.

Lots of slimy details on the back side.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

X-Wing: Rebel Transport

Look at that beauty.   The first of the big ships for X-Wing and I am just now going to talk about it.  So behind on this stuff ofcourse I do not get out to play much either.

Here we have our box contents punch and laid out.  While you get the large ship movement template you do not get the super long range ruler that comes with the corvette as the transport has no turbolasers or other direct weapons.

Here we see the detailing on the upper skin.  Pretty reasonable.

The tiny cockpit raised up to I assume help the pilots see over the front of the ship.

Get the engines on the stern.

And some nice little cargo bins showing on the bottom skin.  Overall very nice looking and faithful to the movies.  The model looks nice but it is very light to the touch.  Mostly hollow.

Not very impressive base card.  The Epic ships do not really seem to be pointed in a way to make them seem very good.

Some interesting tweaks in the ship cards.

Backup Shield Generator seems handy to stay alive.

Slicer tools might be nice to deal with hard to hit but fragile ships.  Pretty pricey at 7 but interesting.

Crew cards all huge ship onlys. 

You get the large ship rules and some missions for a campaign.

Monday, June 8, 2015

6MMRPC: Painting/Hobby Station

So for this week's Miniature Mountain Reduction Monday we will look at my hobby space.  So now that I pretty much finished my basement project after seven years (still need to repaint the stairwell and put the finish flooring on the stairs), we have set up the offices downstairs along the back wall.  I have a desk on the end with two drawer sets.  One for hobby and one for paperwork.  This should be really helpful in getting stuff done since before I had to drag stuff out of the back of the basement upstairs to the dinner table and down any time I wanted to work on anything.  I can get it pretty cleaned after use since the wife does not love seeing a mess of stuff out in the common places.  Plus the three year old thinks he and touch stuff that I leave out.

 The top drawer is the tools, glue, and such in a cutlery tray.  Cutting mat sits over the top to sort of hide the stuff from the kids at first glance.

Second drawer is the miniatures in build phase.  Currently a lot of trollcast Impact! Miniatures fantasy football guys to do.

Next drawers have my pan-vice, water cups, painting plate, and some dropper paint bottles.

Sort of how it looks when I am working.  For someone who did not paint much I have a lot of paints and brushes.  The paints I am currently storing in a 12*12 scrapbook paper organizer with them approximately sorted by color and tone.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Lego Star Wars: Scum and Villiany Minifigures

I had my Lego Star Wars bins out with my son the other day so decided to grab a shot of the minifigures related to the Hutt criminal syndicate and other bounty hunters or rogues.   Figures are from Jabba's Palace, Rancor Pit, Jabba's Sail Barge, Desert Skiff, Slave I, and Skyhopper.