Friday, April 17, 2015

I Hate Wizards

My second season with the Chaos Dwarves in the local Blood Bowl league is going well.  I am at the top of the table with 3 wins and 2 ties but certainly still need some more points in my last 3 games against some stiff competition to make the playoffs.  In my most recent 3 games I have been giving up serious inducements which has seen the deployment of the dreaded wizard against my slow and plodding rushing attack.  All wizards have been successful in knocking down my ball carrier (including giving my top scorer -1 AV yesterday) but only one has stopped my drives.  That one was the first fireball, I was hit by and has forced me to be thoughtful in my placements since.  I am not a fast scorer so single lost drive will generally cost me the game.  I certainly still need a lot of work on my offensive and defense game plans.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

X-Wing Miniatures: Rebel Aces

Here we get the contents of the rebel aces box.  I know the hot stuff now is the Scum and Villainy but my one of those is sitting waiting for a gift time since the basic box is quite pricy and I bought full retail to support a local store that I sometime go in and look at stuff in since it is conveniently located to other shopping destinations.  Anyway you get your 2 rebel ships, cards, components, and a rule back with a new mission.

Ships are repaints of the B-Wing and A-Wing expansions.  This time my B-Wing does not have a bend down the middle which is good.

Interesting color choices.  Not really my first choice for either but if they did not come painted they would stay plastic grey forever in my house so cannot complain to much.

Interesting new unique pilots.  Get a torpedo specialist which would probably go well with ordnance failsafe, guy who can use stress as an attack focus which would go with push the limit perfectly to get you essentially 3 actions every turn you can manage to shoot at someone.  Defensive dogfighter for A-wing pilot and a bonus movement action pilot.

Doubles of all the upgrade cards.  Crew members for b-wings and low cost missile free a-wings.  Proton rockets could be nasty on someone who can get multiple focus tokens and a target lock for a 5 die attack with all the bonuses.

Crew guys for the b-wing mods.

New mission.  Now I just need to get some play time in with all this stuff.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lego Star Wars: Midi Star Destroyer

Here we have the Lego Star Wars Midi Scale Star Destroyer from a few years ago,  It has some pretty good detailing for such a scale.  It is probably about the right size for the new armada game.  I think they priced it at 40 dollars which was way to high, I think I got this one at e Lego Store clearence rack for 20 which is more reasonable.

Engines of course.

Docking bay and little stand to help it sit properly for display.  The ship has reasonable swooshability but as a Star Destroyer that is not really what you think about.  Mainly it is small scale display type piece to proclaim ones nerd level.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Horus Heresy Oh My

So GW is supposedly releasing a Horus Heresy boxed set in the Spring.  Contents look impressive with supposedly like 40 marines, 10 termis, and 2 dreads plus some leaders.  That gives it some additional model count over that Dark Vengeance Starter or the Black Reach Starter but certainly not twice the models and rumor has it that the price point is ~200 dollars compared to the 60 dollars that Black Reach started at.  It appears to come with some info about playing warhammer 30K but not fully eliminating the usefulness of the Forgeworld books.  First thing I noted is that I did not see anyone listing a standard rulebook in it, so I am not sure if it could be called a Starter Set maybe the 30K expansion if it does not come with the basic rules.

That matches the target audience perfect since this is pure GW style.  Selling less for more to the same people.  What are they selling here?  New verisons of the models I already own.  Who out there does not have 40 marines, 10 termis and 2 dreads?   I know I have 60+ tactical marines, 20+ terminators, and 2 dreads (used to have 3 but traded a Black Reach one).

But these compare to Forgeworld products, you say.  GW Plastics already compare pretty well with Forgeworld especially at the level where you are going to be painting 40 models.  I have not heard anyone complaining recently of a lack of detail in GW plastics.  Design decisions are a different matter., though.

Forgeworld differs from GW mainly in production scale.  When you tool for plastics you have to expect to sell a lot of them since that is what the production method is for.  That is why you see 30 dollar individual monopose plastic characters compared to 40 dollar 10 man tactical squad loaded with options.  People buy three or more time the tactical squads compared to the Captain.  Once the tooling is paid for the models are almost free to produce compared to their sale price.  Shipping the models costs more than producing them at that point.  Bringing the Horus Heresy models into the main line allows GW to mass produce them while still probably adding a premium to their price since they are "special".

Now this bundle might be like the some of the recent ones where they repackage the standard models into a box and offer some real savings but the key there is that you actually want all the models.  Based on their current pricing, 10 Horus Marines probably will be 45 dollars, 5 Horus Termis 55 dollars, and the Horus Dread like 55 dollars.  At those prices this might be a steal for 200 dollars with each side getting almost 200 dollars in components.  If you think GW plastics are worth that price.  That is always the kicker.  Can you say that a piece of plastic that costs 1 dollar to make is worth 50 dollars?  GW tries to and it has worked for them for years so why stop now.

This is pure collector level targeting.  I should not be throwing stones since I do have an Epic Space Marine Heresy Era Army but I had it literally before it was cool and have more than ridiculous number of Blood Bowl teams and Legos.  I have serious hoarder impulses but maybe that allows me to see this clearly.  Maybe 30K offers up loads of new gaming opportunities but I really doubt that since it the core it is the same game.  But if you want it, you will probably have to preorder it through GW site since it will no doubt be Limited and Exclusive.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

StarCom Toys

 A fellow blogger out there was recently discussing some toys he had picked up to resell.  They were He-Man, MASK, and GI Joe stuff and I commented that my mom had sold off all of those type of things are garage sales and such.  You cannot keep everything as I am now finding as a home owner with kids growing through various things.  I mentioned that she did keep our Star Wars, Transformers, and StarCom toys along with some other assorted things.  Now Tom is actually currently trying to find a Starmax Bomber and while this stuff is not for sale, I was at my Mom's this weekend so grabbed a few quick pictures between doing other things.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Lego Star Wars: Tie Interceptor

Quick look at a more classic Lego Star Wars set from my collection.  This is the Tie Interceptor and actually has not be redone recently.  It is in the black and blue color style compared to the black and grey that is used now as seen below with the Tie Fighter and Tie Advanced.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Come the Apocalypse: Lego Style

My wife and daughter were across town on Saturday so the little buddy and I got out a lego container to put together a set.  The container had a mix of different lines in it but that is no problem for a three year old.  Jabba Palace Disguised Lando can steer the Lord of the Rings Corsair Ship while Doc and Marty grab proton packs to deal with the ghosts (which happen to come with the Pirate Ship actually).  Boba could totally use a time machine to tell himself to just take Jabba's money and go before Luke shows up.  Maybe the Sarlacc does not kill him but it would probably have been better just not to be there.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mantic Fail

The pledge manager for the Mantic Dungeon Saga Kickstarter is about to close and they have managed to out do themselves in weak communication and presentation for a company having done 8 kickstarters now.  I expressed in my end of the drive review that I thought they did a bad job in presenting information during the campaign (other than the game designers personal blog).

Bones II Arrive

I got my shipment for the second Bones kickstarter in yesterday.  I got less stuff than last time since the various expansions while having some interesting models never got to the level of must buy.  Overall, I do think they are better than the first wave, I did not notice quite as many really bad faces but the limp weapon syndrome is still strong.  Also some warping in the castle for the Dragons Don't Share will certainly require multiple boil and freeze cycles to fix.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lego Star Wars: T-16 Skyhopper

Usually I am looking at Lego Sets at the end of their production run as I try to get them on clearance but today I have a brand new release for the Star Wars line, the T-16 Skyhopper.  This set retails at 25 dollars and comes with 2 minifigures, a rat, and the suborbital Skyhopper ship.