Friday, August 28, 2015

Kings of War 2: Sold Out

Mantic apparently failed to anticipate the demand level for the Kings of War second edition and have now sold out all their copies from the initial printing.   Not sure why there was unexpected spike in interest for a ranked up fast playing fantasy battle game.  I am sure it is more fun to move 50-100 models one at a time measuring to make sure no spear, tail, or wing moved more than 6 inches.  People who want to give the game a try can always download the basic rules and armylists from the mantic site while they wait for it to get back in stock.

Good Work Mantic.  Now get some fantasy terrain out to go with the warzones line. 

Add in Frostgrave going through multiple printings right now and Fantasy is hot.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dungeon Saga Delivery Schedule Update

Unfortunately I am suspecting that delivery is still slipping for the game.  Yesterday they noted that production of the core pledge was done but has not shipped to them yet.  Given estimates from Reapers stuff that probably means like 2 months still until delivery of the Core Pledge with 3-4 weeks for international shipping, 1 week internal shipping, 1 week in customs, 1 week organizing and packing, and 1 week to deliver.   So currently end of October seems like the date for base pledges.  Then I expect the expansions material to not be shipping to backers until about December.  Luckily here it is mainly card/booklet stuff that needs to printed since many of the minis for the expansions were also rewards for the base pledge.  There are tiles,cards,counters and rulebooks for 3 expansions (Orcs/Goblins, Infernals, and Dragon) plus a tile set for the Black Fortress no of which we have seen much information on.  With still three months until people get the stuff it feels like Mantic is taunting us with a week of previews.  I know it is to try to drive some presales but they essentially got most of that action with the kickstarter.  This stuff would have been great to see back in February when there were very limited details for the pledge manager.

Simple Mechanics Does Not Mean Simple Gameplay

 I was watching the Beasts of War Dungeon Saga videos and then reading some comments on the Mantic Blog.  One commenter said the game was too simplistic for his tastes.  I will agree that the game does have very simple mechanics with essentially 3 Stats(Move, Armor, Fight/Shoot/Spell) determining the characters and what happens when they act.  The characters also only start with 1 feat usable only once a mission.  This does make the fighter type classes seem pretty simplistic.  Move and hit things are pretty much how they play and hit things then move is not even an allowed option.  So why is the game not to simple.  There are two issues that jump out to me which allow such simple mechanics.  First is the tight confines of the dungeon where positioning and facing matter.  The second key factor is the time limit generated by the overlord drawing cards.  If the heroes were allowed methodically work their way through the dungeon camping piles of bones until they are dust the overlord would not have a chance.  His minions even in numbers are not grave threats to the heroes.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I Quit

Says the Hobgoblin.  He somehow does not think this is fair and would like to retire.

No I have no plans of actually using the model from the Reaper Bones II Kickstarter as a Beast of Nurgle for Blood Bowl.  I already have the newer beast metal model or a chaos spawn for that role. It would clearly be a model for a more powerful thing that would not be found on the pitch regardless of the teams affiliation.  Just thought it was a funny concept to take the problem of big guys not fitting in their squares to the limit.

Just got my email about scheduling the next season of the local Blood Bowl League.  Taking my Slann so I will probably be going from a play off coach to the cellar dweller for the next season as I have never played or seen Slann be played.  Lots of on the job training.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Understanding GWs Pricing Plan

I think I was pretty surprised to hear the price of the new lead character for the hammarines.  The model is big but most of that appears to be empty space with essentially a normal hammarine with wings held up with some thin wide spiral of magical stuff.   He also does not really appear very customizable but maybe that is the case and we are only seeing one of the possible builds with other arms/heads/wings.  Now I can only assume his statline matches his price point in awesomeness and since there are no points for balance if you buy him you do not have to worry about what you remove from your list to play him.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Dungeon Saga Weekend

Last Weekend Beasts of War did a Dungeon Saga weekend where anyone can watch 5 (6 for members) videos of them unpacking and playing Dungeon Saga.  They unbox the game, play the 2 introductory missions, play the first real mission, and talk about what is coming later.  Overall it is pretty nice presentation of the game, some mistakes with the rules as they were learning but that is probably normal.  I do not normally watch BoW but the larger gentleman seemed a little overly excited while the bald gentleman seemed to have taken the time to actually think about the game between the first 2 demo missions and the real one to figure out some of the finer details.  The game looks solid with pretty simple mechanics but important positioning and activation ordering decisions and the overlord deck making the game as tough as the overlord is crafty.  The missions they showed where mainly A to B style so hopefully there will be other types but I think the idea was that they broke up an epic 8 hour gaming quest into more reasonable pieces so they could better balance them between the players vs the overlord since the overlord is not a neutral storyteller but really a player on his own side.

I am looking forward to my pile of stuff showing up sometime this fall.  It will probably be divided with some of it getting put away until Christmas so I will probably be dragging out the review process.  I am still sort of concerned that they have yet to show much from the expansions since it is all supposed to ship out at the same time to backers who got that stuff as well as the basic pledge.  The basic pledge includes some of the plastic minis (not the bosses) for the expansions and that is what we have seen so hopeful the card and book printing is running at a good turn around rate.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Chaos Dreadhold Brings the Pain

To Your Wallet.  Wow is this stuff expensive.  Seems to be at about 25 dollars per sprue.  But I do note that recently I have been looking for some plastic more traditional fantasy/medieval terrain and have not found many cheap/good options here in the states.  There are very few plastic options, the laser cut stuff seems to have to be shipped in from overseas, and the resin stuff is a bit fragile to be using with my kids.  On average the stuff seems to run about 30 dollars a piece so GW is pretty inline with that.

I have a reasonable table of 40K terrain with craters, crashed lander, and cities of death buildings,  but nothing really for fantasy.  All we have is the ruined tower from the Bones Dragon's Don't Share and it is still pretty warped so not assembled yet.

What are everyones favorite piece of purchased fantasy terrain?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lego Collectible Minifigures: Series 14 Monsters

I picked up 8 packs of the new Lego Collectible Minifigures Series 14 Monsters.  This is the first set in a while that I was really excited by.  Lots of good looking figures.  I only let the kids open 2 each so this is our first ones.  Spider Lady, Crazy Scientist, Plant Monster, Zombie Cheerleader.

The backs.  Notice the transparent plastic cap pieces for the spider lady.

The scientist head is two parts with a basic slightly funny faced head with an extension piece with the glasses and hair.

The spider lady as a nice little print on the hair piece probably to represent a hair pin.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Making Games Customers Want?

I was watching some Mantic Gencon coverage on YouTube yesterday and saw on a Beast of War video Ronnie saying there was an issue when trying to figure out what to do about Warpath.  It seems half the people want a large battle game in the spirit of Warpath while the other half want the individual model movement squad style firefight game.  So Ronnie said they were looking into creating rule sets for both so people can use their models in three levels of gameplay: Skirmish with Deadzone, A Fightfire game, and a Battle game.  Sounds like a great idea.  Get to Work on it.  I agree that there seems to be a market there for the middle game which perhaps 40K used to be with like 30 models on a side which is clearly too big to think of as a skirmish game but still small enough to have individual model placement matter and units to move on the field without constantly running into another.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Kickstarter Catastrophe

I was looking at the damage from the docks in China and wondering if any kickstarter or gaming product got caught up in it after seeing an image of a parking lot of destroyed cars.  That is a negligible concern compared to people who lost loved ones.  A number that has grown significantly from the early values listed yesterday.  China has apparently already detained people in charge of the facility where the accident occurred.  Looking at a list of industrial disasters is a sad reminder of the poor care often taken and the real price paid by workers.

There is definitely going to be some missing shipments out of there for something.  Mantic had said they expect the first set of Dungeon Saga to be loading soon and there are many ports in China shipping goods so the chances of any specific project being hit are low.  What would happen though if the rewards were destroyed in such a way?  GW talks about how they are insured against the factory burning down but what about these kickstarter projects being out sourced for manufacturing in China.  I am sure the factory would not think they are responsible, and the project company would blame the shipper who would probably claim act of god or criminal activity.  Even if at some point you figured out who was responsible those backers are probably either getting screwed or very delayed product even for kickstarter if the insurance came through and everything had to be made again. Kickstarter based companies are better off in this regard to companies who have firm delivery dates and might be driven out of business by a missed shipment.

On a more normal kickstarter issue, Mantic noted that Dungeon Saga might be a few weeks late but was not very clear if that lateness was from the original Aug 2015 date (IE right now) or from the revised Sept 2015 that had been discussed.  I am assuming the Sept 2015 which means probably Oct 2015.  It was also noted that the first shipment is pure Dungeon Saga base pledges and the expansion stuff was coming in later still.  Since they are doing single shipping this means the more you spent probably the later you get your stuff.  I got the expansions so I would guess that it just might arrive for Christmas, maybe.  I also guess that I might be one of those people who get to see the wonders of stuff you backed in kickstarter on store shelves before you get it.  They said that the preorders they are taking now are for after the kickstarter ships but if people are not expecting delivery to November at the earliest, it is kind of earlier for the retailers to be doing preorders.