Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pistol or No Pistol

With the new rules for large close combat weapons and the inclusion of a pistol in all marines gear the question has arisen, should I keep that bolt pistol with the powerfist or trade it in. For a unit like Sternguard, this is easy since their bolters are special, but what about your normal sergeant. Bolters help the units firepower but the pistol still allows you to shoot and charge. What to do? I decided that the captain in the assault on Black Reach has a Relic Blade since the bolter was pretty much set in the model. Most of my early models still have pistols with their powerfist but I am tempted to change one of my scout sergeants or get another new one made. He will have the shotgun and powerfist combo. You can shoot twice and still assault only losing he AP 5 off the rapid fire bolter. This conversion is currently on hold since the plastic shotguns have 2 hands on them and my only metal shotgun on an old scout biker is not quite the angle I want. The new scout bikers have a nice looking shotgun held 1 handed. Maybe need to bike up a box after the holidays and see what I can do.


  1. Keep the pistols, they look cool and right. These scouts have holsters for them too. I wouldn't go into battle without one. Flexible, shoot at range or use in CC.

  2. I do think a scout with a pointing fist and the shotgun held in the arm resting on the hip might look pretty nice.