Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Rhino's Red Headed Step Son

So I have a razorback on my christmas list this year. I figure it is only 5 dollars for the turret spure more than a rhino and can serve double duty with a top change. I do need more rhinos. My current razorback runs TL HB so I was planning on doing something different. I was either going to go TL assault cannons or LC+ TL Plasma. I have the ravenwing spure to get the assault cannons from and looked like a pretty easy swap. Now if I am going to take the time to make up a custom turret I need to have a tactical use in mind.

Razorbacks suffer from their 6 man capacity. You can go combat squad on a tac squad plus a character. A good character for this might be a lib with shooty powers along with a plasma pistol sergeant and a plasma rifle for anti MEQ work or a powerfist sergeant and meltagun for anti vehicle. Probably the plasma road is best since the libs anti vehicle powers are poor.

Other squads also come to mind as good candidates for razorbacks. Sternguard since you can have 6 members and still pack a good punch and have 2 special weapons. Command squads can run around with 4 special weapons and feel no pain but only 5 people so you have an empty spot for the required Captain. Honor Guard also are an option. They can be 6 marines, all have bolters so can either due the 12 inch bolter hop or stay inside for the all power weapon assault next turn. I have a Pedro list at 1750 the next 250 could be used for a honor guard unit in a razorback. That list would probably want the Assault cannons since I plan to run 2 vindi's and a predator annihilator.

Maybe I will have to order one of those Landraider terminus upgrade backs to get another turret since the bits dealers run the turrets at about the same price.


  1. Since the Razor comes with two turrents why not, not stick the top hatch down on one rhino and with the razor make so that the top hach isn't glued on then build both turrets and Wala you have 2 or 3 if you did another rhino that could use the assault turret rhino/razors.

  2. did i hear magnets?
    Magnets are brilliant for warhammer I plan to use a lot for my upcoming eldar projects magnetizing vehicles, support platforms, exarches so i can change the weapon options and stuff. There brilliant...

    I wish there was an option to upgrade Rhinos to have turrets or Razorbacks to 10 man cap just for more points. Hooray! or something...

  3. I made the mistake of glueing the hatches on my first set of rhinos but since the stormbolter is standard not optional equipment it is not always necessary to represent it. I ran three rhinos(1 razorback and 1 whirlwind with top changes) in the last tournement. One 1 had a stormbolter but that allowed me to keep track of them better.