Friday, February 27, 2009

Bit Box

The hobby part of this game quickly runs into storage problems. When you are just starting, all the little left over bits of plastic fit in a sandwich bag. As your armies grow so does your collection of tiny random pieces. You might move from plastic bags to some type of divided tray. Then to multiple divided trays. Now I am working out of this portable set of 4 trays I got at Costco. For a while this held all my paints and modeling tools but those have now been displaced into another plastic container. Here is how my bit box looks right now:

Tray 1: Space Marine Bits. Pretty clear, I have a ton of space marine bits.

Tray 2: Planned Minis: This tray is where I group bits for minis in assembly. I stole this idea from Ron at FtW.
Tray 3: Catch All: This tray has a ton of random stuff from rubble, space marine vehicle bits, warhammer bits, chapter specific space marine stuff.

Tray 4: This tray was one recently cleared out of paint to make room for my Nid bits from my Assault Brood box. I have really not gotten this of the ground mainly because I have not been able to decide how to build them.

Ofcourse this is not all my bits. I have a few bags of bits seperated out for this project or that plus a bag of cities of death bits. I also have a small pile off uncut sprues still that I am working on.


  1. Sweet I use a box for all of my bits but I might try seperating them.

  2. Seperating the bits is really helpful. In my space marine tray I have a place for heads,torsos, backpacks, shoulder pads, left handed weapons, 1 right handed weapons, 1 place for bolters, 1 special ranged weapons, multiple places for embleshments of different types, scout bits, and terminator bits. So when I am doing conversions or kit bashing, I can look at all my parts of that type to pick the best one for the overall look I am going for.

  3. Yes, organization is always a good thing!

  4. Wow, you're even more organized than me.

  5. Wow, I need that kind of orgainization. My stuff is sitting in a series of cardboard boxes, on shelves, and in drawers. It's madness, yet somehow when I need a specific part, I know exactly where it is.

    I'm going to Costco this weekend for this. Thanks for the idea.

  6. Unfortanutely I got it about a year ago so costco probably will not have it right now but I bet you could find something similar at a home depot or something.

  7. Wow. I'm not sure I could manage such organisation - for long anyway. I once stuck all the different bits in specific sandwich bags, but soon found myself emptying them to get at the certain bit i needed right at the bottom.

    Right now, I have a massive Quality Street tin for warhammer and 40k full of "unassigned" bits, then about a dozen or so old-style GW mail order boxes for various projects being worked on, as well as uncut sprues all over the place - it's absolute chaos.

    I even tried to organise it a bit the other day, but after three hours, I gave up...

  8. This is a mobile setup since I unlike my wife do not have a dedicated hobby(craft) area. Small parts storage is available in cabinets for wall hanging or sitting on a desk which can do a wider range of piece sizes for large projects.

  9. Good Idea on bitz, i have a kind of catch all box and then sort down from there, orks take up a lot of room and so do all the bitz from vehicles and such.