Saturday, March 21, 2009

Belial Model

Here is the built and based Belial for my Deathwing force. Components are all Plastic: SM Tabard Chest from Black Templars, Black Templar head, Assault Terminator Plastics legs, back and Sergeants claws, Dark Angel Dreadnought Greaves as shoulder pads (Stolen from Matt at ArchAngels). The greenstuff work is poor but fills the gaps in the side and along the collar.

Side view. I tried to make him unique but avoided banners or anything since I only have 5 other assault termis for my normal army, I might be forced to use him just as a normal squad member.


  1. Great job! He certainly has the right look about him.

  2. Thanks, I am very happy with the turnout. I definately need more practice with green stuff.

  3. The combination of the bits is sweet - they really help the model stand out from the crowd as someone special. Great job!

  4. Greta conversion. I love the open arm pose.

  5. Nice Job, I plan to do a Belial soon. I doubt it will be as good as yours.
    Cracking stuff.

  6. Really nice, great bits choices

    the templar chest with tabard is brilliant

    Well done

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  7. John, I got the idea for that combination from Dave Taylor's work in WD310. I reference it in an early post about this project. That was a pretty solid WD article with multiple contributors about how to use the crusader bits.