Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blood Bowl League: Skaven Team Advancement

So I have 3 league games under my belt and now it is time to look at how my rats are advancing. Since I was new coming into the league, I got to start players with a normal skill for 20,000 and this gave them 6 SPP to start. This did not allow for a roll on the table so I did not take the option with players most likely to get SPP on their own. Players that started with a skill and 6 SPP are labeled with a *.

Blitzer: Guard (13)*
Blitzer: Grab (10)*
Thrower: Leader (7)*
Thrower: (0)
Gutter Runner: Block (9)
Gutter Runner: (5)
Gutter Runner: Wrestle (12)
Gutter Runner: Strip Ball (8)
Lineman: Kick (6)*
Lineman: Block (6)*
Lineman: Block (6)*
Lineman: Wrestle (6)*
Lineman: Wrestle (6)*
Lineman: Dirty Player (6)*
Rat Ogre: Break Tackle (6)

So I have manage to get 4 skills in my three games with 1 gutter runner ready to get one with a completion in the next game. He will be getting Block baring a special advancement or doubles. I know very boring. Two players are getting close to their second skills. The gutter runner might get dauntless or another strip ball. The blitzer might get Mighty Blow. Not really sure. This is not bad but the problem is that the primary scorers on the opponents teams are up at like 30+ SPP meaning they have picked up 3 skills. They are getting tough to take down.

I can see how lineman can be hard to advance. None have yet to pick up a single new star player point since they are mainly used as line of scrimmage bait.

My roster is also almost full with space for just one more linerat. He will be drafted after the next match then it will just be about saving money for replacements and more reroll my 3+1 for leader have been working pretty well especially with the occasion illegal procedure called on me.

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