Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Norse Blood Bowl Team

Here is my complete but unpainted Norse Blood Bowl Team. The base players are just the standard GW team but I added the additional model to be in sync with the Living Rule Book edition team . GW has done a bad job on model support for specialist games so it is up to the players to find what they need to field the full teams. The Norse team picked up the Ulfwerener which are Nordic Werewolves and Snow Trolls. I am doing this post since I saw in the page info someone was search for info about Blood Bowl Snow Troll.

Here are the models I am using for the Ulfwerener. These are two Beorg Bearstruck models I got as bits from GW for the team. It is a Fantasy Dogs of War model for a Nordic Werebear so is pretty close. Also the rulebook actually talks about Norse teams using werebears so it works out perfect. Models need a little greenstuff love before painting. You could use the Blood Bowl werewolf from the Necromancer team but since they have very different stats it is nice to have different models. Also if I remember my fluff correctly the Ulfwerener have more control of their shapeshifting so the ripped clothes might not be correct for them.

Here is my Snow Troll. It is a Yhetee model also GW Fantasy from the Orge Kingdoms line. They have a few different sculpts but this one is the best for this since only 1 arm has a weapon. This guy also needs some gap filling. He certainly looks Wild Animally.


  1. Got 1st half of the final game from our previous league that degenerated into me vs. one friend every thursday for a while in on friday afternoon. Ended up with like 4 people watching so we're going to give the league another go.

    Will probably take my undead team for something different, just dunno if I will ever get a chance to use the Vampire as he's just so fricken expensive now. Have the full complement of 4 ghouls though.

  2. Cool... thanks about the information about the yhetee as a snow troll. I was just looking for one for my coming norse team and they happen to have one at my local GW shop. I've removed the big axe and added a homemade shoulder pad to include it in my roster.



  3. here are the correct links



  4. Did you ever get to painting up this team? I'd like to see how the Yeti came out!