Sunday, August 23, 2009

Space Hulk: My First Look

I got down to my FLGS this weekend to get a look at the new Space Hulk game. I had already talk to the owner twice trying to get info about his expected stock level and price. I had pretty much decide to get it but wanted to get a fair price so prepaid with cash to help the price level.

Got to handle all the mini's, the boards, and rules. The models do look really good. Almost too good. Most of my 40K army is very low on embellishments. This is battle time not dress uniforms so my marines even the honor guard are all business. If I tried to add these into my army they would probably look out of place. The sergeant with powersword is more done up than my Belail model. So the marine will stay with the game. The genestealers are also pretty good. These could be easily added to a stealer shock list to give it tons of character. The broodlord is much bigger than the stealers and was more interesting looking than the current metal one in the 40K line. If you want to rebased them they will probably transfer fine. Boards are nice and thick and the rules are 2 full color booklets. There are 12 missions including missions with multiple levels.

I got to listen to a rules run down and watch about half of a game between 2 GW gaming veterans(people old enough to have been space hulk players back in the day). The game play looks pretty solid with the space marine player having to do a lot of planning to optimize his actions to get the mission finished. The first mission just required you to flame a room but the by the time you could get near it, the stealer player would probably have played 8-10 blips each representing a few stealers. The space marine player appeared to take the wrong tactic and hold him flamer in the unit center instead of using to more aggressively to limit enemy movement. He also seemed to forget that you can shoot doors open with your free shots during movement as you move up to them to try to save the action point opening them. This also allows you to see the stealers quicker.

Looks like a great game and cannot wait to get my hands on it for some more game play. I will just have to make the time to get some games in.

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