Thursday, September 17, 2009

Math Hulk VI: Thunderhammer Terminator verses Genestealer

The thunderhammer terminator is pretty good in close combat as you would expect with the Block ability stripping a die from the stealer and a +2 to his attack roll he starts in a pretty good place. A thunderhammer terminator will win combat 58.3%, tie 14.8%, and lose 26.9%. So in this combat the terminator only dies 1 in 4 times.

Adding in guard makes him really survivable. Again a decision is required about rerolling ties but since their can only be a tie on 3-6 outcomes it is less likely event. Ofcourse on a 3 (roll of 1+2 bonus) you would reroll since you cannot get lower. Using that as the starting point the guarding thunderhammer terminator wins 71.6%, draws 17.4%, and will lose only 11.0%. Looking at these numbers tells us that a thunderhammer terminator on guard should not reroll a tie unless he rolled a 1. Any die roll which results in a chance to lose (1/6 = 16.7%) is worse than just letting the stealer attack you again. You might try a reroll if you are tied on a 4 and you need that stealer out of the way so you can go forward.

How should genestealers deal with the thunderhammer terminator if he is so good? If the terminators need to get someplace while you have unlimited stealers I would just use 1-2 stealers to block his path and use you blips to try to come at them a different way. You have a much better chance if he is forced to attack you.

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