Monday, September 14, 2009

Tzeentch Challenge!

This past weekend was the Tzeentch Challenge Blood Bowl Tournament here in Ann Arbor. I was glad to see some out of town coaches come out for the event so I could show them how we play it up here. Boy did I show them with my 0-4-1 record for the event being outscored like 10-1 and out casualtied probably 20-3. I did so poorly that the host decided they needed a wooden spoon for me when one was not planned. I would also note that I did not play the 1st or 2nd place coaches from the event so they earned their placements without easy points from me.

What does it take to go 0-4-1? Blame should first go to the coach. In most of the games I made 1 stupid mistake of pushing too hard forward on offense or missing an easy move. These types of mistakes usually result in a 2 point swing since you miss the score and your opponent takes your mistake the other way for a score. Next comes down to roster. I took a Necromantic team that I had never played before. I had done some games with undead but necromantic is just different enough that I did not use them well. I had a roster which lacked focus, instead of deciding how I was going to play I was too worried about how my opponents would play. I took a few skills that rarely came into play and when they did they did not help. I was out blocked and mightly blowed by all of my opponents and did not take advantage of my speed since I was spending too much time pick people up off the ground. Of course, luck also comes into play. It seemed like anytime I really needed the dice to come up one way they would not. The tone was set when my first block of the first game was double skulls rerolled to double skulls. Not even both down where I could blame the organizer for restricting Block access. I think my sure hands ghoul failed to pick up the ball more times than he was successful out in the open.

While I went to event with no plan on winning it hence an untried team, I was not expecting to go winless. Well at least, I got a few minis for being the wooden spoon and will send in some spares minis to replace my draw from the prize pool.

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  1. Ouch! I find I am terribly adept at pushing just that little bit too much and it can definitely blow the entire game with that one move, hopefully you've learned a lot about necromantic teams and next time you use them are hopefully better organized.

    Let's see some pics of the wooden spoon!