Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blood Bowl 2nd Edition Chaos

I never had enough chaos players in second edition to have a team. Back in second edition a Chaos human team was pretty much a normal human team with 2 mutants with random numbers of mutations and random mutations. I only have the star players from the random star player packs. These three guys are from left to right Wormhowl Greyscar, Duke Luther Von Hawkfire, and Galmen Goreblade. I really like the Wormhowl model.

First 2 mutants I have are Whithergrasp Doubledrool and Dieter Hammerlash.

Followed by Dorjak Sureclaw and Slarga Fourstike.

Here is the one Nurgle Aligned Star Player:Bilerot Vomitflesh. Who are these people parents to name them such things.

I might have some spare 2nd Edition Blood Bowl Chaos Star Players for sale in my Bargain Bin.


  1. These are great, I always thought the Sureclaw model was excellent.

    Glad you're posting again, we were about to send out a search party!

  2. Lots of stuff going on coupled with no motivation to do any hobby stuff. Got some motivation back with the finish of my blood bowl league and reading some Horus Heresy books I had sitting around for like 2 years.

  3. concur good to see you posting again bro.