Friday, April 2, 2010

Blood League Season 3 Game 4

Finally got my next blood bowl league game in. I only have time for about 1 hobby game every 2 weeks and I had that 40K Apoc game that took up a whole Sunday so this was delayed a bit from the schedule. I picked up a 3-0 win but I cannot really say that I know how to play my Chaos team an better. I essentially got lucky when in Turn 2 my Dark Elf opponent failed a 2+ dodge roll on a player with dodge skill. This left him poorly positioned to defend again my pounding which gave me the multiple man advantage through the rest of the game. My armor breaking dice where on fire and tore through his AV8 like nothing. After having almost no luck with casualities this season I got them all in this game. He ended up with 2 permanently injured players which pretty much makes his already battered team not worth much. He has 2 positionals that should be cut and another 2 that are questionable for long term development.

I have now got my team value back to where I started since I lost 150K last game when my minotaur was killed. Ofcourse other teams are now 200-300K more valuable than mine so I will get inducements through the rest of the season probably.

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  1. Well .... look at it this way. You won ... :)