Friday, April 16, 2010

Epic: Space Marine Character Pack

As the first part of my Epic project I ordered the space marine character pack to add to my 20 year old battle company. Being out of Epic for 20 years I had no idea what came in the pack so I asked GW what was actually in the pack and they did not have a real answer. I was wondering since they wanted 20 dollars for it and only showed like 13 models. I got a proper and correct answer from the nice folks on warseer in the Epic section. Since my internet searches did not yield many good images of what is in it I am posting its contents here now that it has arrived.

So to start you get 4 bases, 4 bikes, and 19 infantry models. So 23 Models total.

Here we have Techmarine, Apothecary, Chapter Master, Servitor, Epistolary, and Chapter Banner Marine.

Captain with Cape, Metal version of old plastic captain (I use these as sergeants currently), Jump Pack Captain, Terminator Captain, and Company Banner Marine.

Power Armor Chaplain, Power Armor Chaplain, Terminator Chaplain, Jump Pack Chaplain

Jump Pack Librarian, 2 Power Armor Librarians, and Terminator Librarian.

Banner Bike Marine, Captain on Bike, Librarian on Bike, Chaplain on Bike.

So that is what you get. Check back later to see if I do anything with them.


  1. Basecoat, big wash, drybrush, rinse, repeat!

  2. Need to base and prime first and the weather up here has not gotten to good priming conditions often.

  3. Thanks for the pictures- I was looking for exactly this information!

    1. Thanks for coming by. I have pics of many different epic sets from the space marine and eldar lines not that the products are available anymore.