Monday, August 16, 2010

Introducing the Dark Sun 4e Review Series

I picked up a copy of the new Dark Sun campaign setting book for Dungeon and Dragons 4th edition. So I am going to be doing a multiple post review of the new setting revision. When I saw the Prism Pentad was being reprinted at Barnes and Noble a little while ago I knew that Dark Sun must be coming back. I have not played a game of 4th edition yet but I wanted to at least check out the rules for my favorite campaign setting when they updated it. A few months back I picked up the first and second player handbooks so I would have some idea of the structure of the game in 4th edition. I had looked over the players handbook last summer at my brothers place but it was so different from tradition DnD that a short look does not really let you get your mind around it. To make proper use of the setting, you need all three player handbooks since player handbook 2 has the primal classes and player handbook 3 for the psionic classes.

So I have a lot to say about this revision and I will divide it up into sections over the next week or so to allow it to be in easy to digust discussions instead of pages and pages of text. I will not really be looking at how balanced it is or even how fun it could be, more about how it relates to the original setting and if that change is good/bad or just makes no sense at all. I know that time has to go on and changes have to be made or the game company will have nothing new to sell and the designers will be out of work but I do not like change just for change.

If you think you find anything interesting just leave a comment so I know I am not yammering to myself. Or if anyone has questions about the setting, I still have quick access to almost every piece of gaming material published for the setting (Just missing City by the Silt Sea and maybe the Forest Maker Adventure I think).

So watch in the near future for more discussion of Dark Sun 4e listed below

Timeline Reboot
Land of Powergamers
Character Classes
Defiler/Preserver Magic
Equipment: Metal and Coins

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  1. I remember when I was in my first campaign of this game in 2nd edition. When my player joined the existing group of escaped slaves, a frenzied Mul attacked me once he learned I was a Defiler. Killed me in one hit, period. Despite the rough entry, I created a more moderate character for the party and was back in the action soon enough. Awesome setting. Even the old DOS PC games were really fun too.