Friday, August 13, 2010

Epic: Mars Pattern Reaver

Got myself a new Epic Reaver from my FLGS. New is a pretty odd term for this item. The parts are the same as those made back when I first started with GW games back in 1989, but I never had one back then so it is new for me. It was actually shown as a new item in the very first white dwarf I ever got.

Pretty lean in the filling of the box. They could fit a lot more metal in there.

All the components laid out for examination.

Carapace Top.

Carapace Underside.

Single Head option. Back in the day their were multiple choices for the head.

Two indentical turbolasers.

Here are the shoulder pauldrons. Strange thing is that you get 2 different ones so you are forced to make an asymmetric model.

These different shoulders might have made since with the original kit since it had different weapon options like a titan combat fist.

Missile launcher for some barrage support.

Single piece for the legs.

The two feet.

While I like that the kit has stayed in the classic style I would really like a little more for the price. At least 2 of each pauldron so you can choose the look of the model at least a little.

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