Thursday, August 26, 2010

Impact! Miniatures: Dungeon Chest Set

In my recent Impact! Miniatures order, I got a Dungeon Chest set. This show the components of the kit. I have shown both sides of the bomb/ball piece but have only included in this picture 1 of the 6 chests with covers and 1 of the 6 treasure pieces. So you get enough components to build 6 treasure chests with either 6 bombs, 6 treasures, or replace up to 2 of these with spiked balls.

Here is the treasures. Yes, those do appear to be cold ones in a bed of ice. Thristy players in your fantasy football team might want something a little heavier than lizard aid.

Pretty nice detail on chest with lock.
Here is the top of the chest. Still look pretty good.

So these are the bombs and ball. Ball probably could look a little better but I like the grenade with popped trigger.

Back when these were announced I wonder how you would use them. Essentially you need a third party to load the chests since you will never be able to paint them identically enough not to be able to tell where the ball is. Small problem but still a nice little set.


  1. Thanks for the review, been thinking about picking these up for some dungeonbowl. Agreed on the 3rd party to load - you'll never be able to paint them similarly enough.

    How easily do the lids go on and come off?

  2. I have not tested that. Let me get one clean up tonight and I will check.

  3. Or if you are trusting have one player close his eyes with the 6 chests in a row and lift the lid on each one and put something in it (and then move it away). I could pull this off even if its a bit of agility. Then before he opens his eyes the other player who was not watching him load them, opens his eyes and mixes them up. Then the placer could open his eyes and both could take turns placing them. Tricky but it would work.

  4. Sounds like you want me to trust the player I am against not to peak. Interesting theory. Like this is all fun and games til your cyclops looses his eye.

  5. Tristan

    I played around with one. The top has to lips the go into the chest to told it on. It is not a tight fit but just pushing on the top will not knock it off. The base is pretty heavy and wide so they are not going to tip over but if hit it just right with a die you can dislodge the top.

    I would just discuss that if you open a chest with a die roll it is considered an auto turnover and failed roll with auto armor break if applicable. If it is not your turn you lose your next turn and your opponent starts his next turn immediately.