Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Poll: Who is Isle of Blood Really For?

If you missed it this weekend I did a review of the new Warhammer Fantasy Battles Starter Box after checking it out at my FLGS. I was left with the question of who the target audience of this product really is since it was very lacking in material to help a new wargamer actually learn the game. Hard to find unit stats, no training scenarios, no warhammer lite rules, etc.

So I ask you all, Who are they trying to target this product to:

1. Brand New Wargamers who will buy the box, take it how, and with a friend learn WHFB.

2. Brand New Wargamers who will learn the game with demos or from friends then buy the box.

3. Existing Wargamers who play other systems that they are trying to bring back into the fold.

4. Existing Warhammer 40K players.

5. Existing WHFB players.

Since GW is the biggest fish in the scene and essentially needs to be constantly bringing in 1 and 2 to offset veteran losses, how well does this product allow it to grow its player base?

Let me see some comments. Do you think this is a great set and why?


  1. Well if the "secret of Nimh" was still in Theaters I would say it's a great deal.

    It should have been Elves verses Vampires

    aka Lord of the rings verses Twilight.

    I would guess in the end it comes down to the plastic models they had verses decent army books.

  2. I have no problem with the races they put in or the amount of minis. It is not a bad deal as GW minis go getting about 2 battalion boxes for the cost of 1 with monopose snap fit. Price is fair.

    It is more like is this really a starter set for warhammer fantasy battles or a starter set for the armies where you still need the army books to even use some of the models in the set at all.

  3. These sell mostly to existing gamers/whfb players that want to get in for cheap and test the waters or sheerly for splitting models and gettin that rulebook..

    So, to me, they aren't netting new ppl

  4. I'd say existing WF or 40k gamers..that's the only people I've heard that are excited about it.

    It seems the pricepoint is a bit high for "new" players, especially when you consider they are supposed to be targeting kids.


  5. I think more about the attention span of the kids these days. It is going to take them an hour at least to clip and assemble the models. Then they will be left with no way to really get started playing until they have read a good ammount of the main rule book and collated their stat lists.

    The training missions in the last set were not fun but you could learn some things about the game by doing them. Here you get nothing like that.