Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Garage Sale: 40K, Warhammer, Fortress America, Computer Parts

I am interested in moving along some stuff that is just gathering dust in my basement. No time to start any of these projects so if you see something your interested in make me an offer that includes the shipping cost at eriochrome on the traditional hotmail address.

Cut Black Reach Ork Set.

Battle for Skull Pass Rules and Booklet.

Orc Army Book.

Skull Pass Gobbos: Mainly Primed Black. 2 Metal Gobbo Fanatics.

5 Dwarf Slayers. Dwarf Slayers Command. 6 Models total. Metal Dwarf Runesmith. Metal Dwarf Engineer. Metal Dwarf Hero: White Dwarf. 2 Old Style Metal Witch Elves. Here we have a Creative Audiology 2 ZS platinum with Interface box and the cables and software. PCI interface. It worked when I last used it but did not transfer it over when replacing machine since I never used any of the fancy features.

I also have a Radeon X800 Pro AGP card which can go along with a ATI TV Wonder PCI and Remote Wonder Control that got left behind when I last upgraded since I wanted a PCIx16 board for future upgrades and get a Nvidia card which did not work with the TV Wonder.

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