Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Five Stages of Games Workshop Players

All the discussion of finecast miniatures has reminded me of all the different types of games workshop gamers. Not everyone falls exactly into these categories but I think they cover most often as a combination of two. While these can seem critical of the class all these different groups are needed for the healthy gaming community.

Newbie: "Those are nice miniatures. Oh, they go to this game, cool. Maybe I should give that a try." Trait: Innocence.

Fanboy: "Games Workshop miniatures are the best of any wargaming company. The games are great and GW does everything right." Trait: Passion, Zeal.

Invested Player: "Sure the price rises are annoying but they need to make a profit. The codexes have balance issues but that is because you have so much freedom in making your army. Those FAQ take so long since they really want to get it right and consistent. They must be doing something right look at all the players." Trait: Determination, Commitment.

Disgruntled Veteran: "I still play some GW since I have the armies but I really only buy the new rules and an occasional piece. I really get sick of GW's balance issues, price raises, and bad rules. Anymore problems and I am done." Trait: Critical View

Moved On: "I used to play GW, remember how good this specialist game was. I am now spending my time with X. You should give it a try it is way better than Games Workshop stuff." Trait: Showing the outside world.

I am sort of between Disgruntled veteran and Moved On. I have yet to find the table top wargame replacement but I have been regaining old hobby interest after being very GW focused for about 4 years.


  1. The list is spot on.

    I'm mostly Moved On - sort of: I am now spending my time with Warhammer Ancients. You should give it a try it is mostly Games Workshop stuff with correctly priced figures from other companies.

  2. My biggest issue is really time to get out to play. I am like a once every couple of month player recently so investing in any game is not really cost effective. I have instead put my recent hobby funds into getting Legos to play with my daughter with. I figure when she is done with them my coming son will be just the right age to pick them up.

  3. Sounds about right to me haha. Great stuff.

  4. I'm on the spectrum alongside you. I'm still playing 40k, I have a love of the system, but GW hack me off and I'm dabbling heavily in other systems that aren't as stuffy/unbalanced/twisted/greedy.

    Isn't that where everyone will eventually end up...

  5. Sunekun, I do not think everyone will end up there but if they do not change some of there corporate polices I think a lot of people will get there much faster than GW wants. There other big problem is when the Newbies change from "those are cool minis." to "you want how much for those pieces of plastic."

  6. I pretty much moved on from GW after over a decade of following. I was never a fanboy to begin with and wised up quickly after the previous Cruddace Nid codex.

    I do enjoy the hobbying aspect with GW products but given their ridiculously high prices nowadays, I gave all their new stuff a pass in favor of other things that is not GW.

    1. That codex as really did it for me. I think I remember that my 1250 pt starting nids ended up with no HQ units anymore.