Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Epic Archive Coming Together

I have started to get my epic posts organized a little better. Check out the link on the right side bar in major series or just click here for Sons of Twilight Epic Content.


  1. I decided to set these up since I found the keyword tags led to page after page of results that were not quick to go through. I think the biggest problem with blogging is the current post focus. With like 100 new posts a day from BOLS alliance or FTW blogroll no one has time to browse through old posts. So many of everyones old posts are interesting to someone (ignoring the out of date tactics and codex comments)

  2. Someone needs to take one of the wee marines and convert a handheld holo-projector or something. That would look pretty cool.


  3. Mik

    I do not really get what you mean.