Friday, June 10, 2011

Finecast: Can you pick the Crisper Model

My first Games Workshop Citadel Finecast related poll showed the up to 50% of responders were not happy with the quality of the miniatures. Even if I lump take the minimum number of responders for any of the negative catagories to account for people with bad outcomes finding my poll I still get like 20% problems, not very good.

So now we have two new polls to check the crisper claims from Games Workshop. Here we have two pictures of pairs of models both primed gray generously provided by where they are doing a review of the finecast line. One is Citadel Finecast and one is metal. We know that detail appears crisper on finecast due to light contrast levels differences between the resin and metal so that has been taken out of the equation.

Can you tell me which is the crisp Games Workshop Finecast model and which is that old metal model?

First we have Logan Grimnar

Then we have the Empire Captain.

So take a guess with the polls on the right. I do not even know which is which yet so we will see. Good Luck.


  1. you can tell them apart my the remains of unfiled flashing, the dead give away on grimmnar is the shoulder pads, if you look closley you can see the small nubs that only appear on metal models, and more often then not for the average hobbiest, to much of a pain to file down properly. The Grimmnar on the left has a much more defined edge on the shoulder pads and the axe blade appears (to me anyways) to be a bit thinner. The captain was harder but ill just sum it up to metal models have a softer appearance and dose not take to hard edges well because of the longer cooling time and mass of the material it tends to puff out a little. Anyways I am probably starting to sound like a nerd/tool so Ill end it there.


    BH Senior Editor

  2. OOh nice post.

    With Logan Grimnar, I'll go with the one on the right as it's slightly better, with a slightly better definition (not by much though).

    The Empire Captain is really difficult, I'd sad the one on the left is Finecast as it's got a very slight superior edge in the detail and definition ... and what looks like a pretty nasty defect on his right foot, which seems to be common with the first batch of Finecast.

  3. Finecast on the left in both.

    Poll Results: Logan: Left 23, Rigth 29 (majority wrong)
    Captain: Left 34, Right 12 (people did much better)

  4. They are so close. I've found, a few years out, that once they are painted, I can't tell the difference until I go to pick them up. I prefer the heft of metal put finecast is a joy to paint.