Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finecast Rushed?

Does anyone think that the finecast product appears rushed out the door? While some of the models do look nice and "crisp", many seem to have minor imperfections, and some seem to be just horrible models. I think if the worst things were some small bubbles everyone would understand but as you can see from the raptor a couple of posts ago some models have serious issues.

Why did GW ship so many low quality models out to customers? The goal should be zero miscasts to customers and they definitely missed that. So if the process and the products were not ready why did they ship them all out. Why not cut the release level down and just deliver good models?

My guess is that yesterday was the start of the new fiscal year for GW so all those sales to independents for the release and the first wave of sales to customers at GW stores will get booked to last year to help make up for the slow start of the fiscal year and the time when the metal models were not available. Returned products will not show up on the ledger until next fiscal year probably. GW may have tried to hit their numbers for the investors at the cost of customer satisfaction again.

Interesting note some one posted on Facebook about a meeting with GW AU about the trade embargo. The list somethings that GW told them that the cost of finecast transition of tens of millions of pounds which seems very unlikely and if true only in some strange accounting trick way and verifiable untruths like 2000 people working at GW headquarters on model design and production which more like 200 company wide compared to 1200 in sales force at stores and 400 in admin roles.


  1. I think you may find that they wanted to put the release of finecast along the same time as the price increase. If that is the case they might well have rushed it to hit a deadline.

  2. I think the price rise also aligns with the fiscal years to try to get people who were sort of on the fence to buy now. A few price increases ago it got me to buy some stuff before I really was planning on it. Not anymore though.