Thursday, June 30, 2011

Unfinished Project Overload?

Are you like me with so many unfinished gaming projects? I am not talking unpainted but unbuilt. Maybe I am just a hoarder. I know that pack ratting runs in my family. Just thinking of my marines, I was just looking in my bit box and saw like 5 assault terminators(black reach+lightening claws), 10 marines, 3 bikes, predator, half built landraider crusader. And since I have not bought anything for marines in well over a year, these have been sitting around for quite a while.

What do you have sitting around waiting for attention?


  1. I can't list ever thing I have sitting in the closet waiting for some attention. If you don't have projects sitting around then you are not a true gamer. My O/G army for WFB is my biggest project sitting around, about 6K of unpainted models and about 4K still in the box. One day they will get finished but not by me.

  2. I still have 2 chimeras and a vendetta waiting for the assembly lines to finish them and take the comission!

    Also I have 200+ Napoleonic figures and the same number of germans and allies waiting for mounting in 1/72...

    A little work for this summer!!

  3. The unbuilt and even unopened list continues to grow, albeit more slowly than before. For some reason I've been better about committing to something and finishing it before buying more. I hope it's just a phase.

  4. Enough projects that I am not really sure what I have any more. I have them organized well enough but it is still spread around different rooms in the house and in storage.