Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blood Bowl 2nd Edition Trolls

So I have been working on filling in my Big Guys for Blood Bowl. While I can field most of the goblins from 2nd and 3rd editions I only had Ripper as a troll so I was a bit short on what you would want to field a real goblin team. No longer a problem.

Here is Blood Bowl Troll 1 from 2nd edition. I got this as part of a trade from my barter bin which is now Eriochrome's Bargain Bin. Still some interesting stuff over there still so take a look.

Here is Blood Bowl 2nd Edition Troll 2. I got this in an online store but the transaction was not smooth so they will remain nameless. I had tried to get this guy a couple of times on ebay but always someone beat me out. He was once a star player named Grograt Crunchskull.

Here is Blood Bowl 2nd Edition Troll 3. This one is listed as rare and priced a pretty penny online. I got it off of Dakka for less but still a serious price. Funny though that rare 20 year old minis are hardly more expensive than what GW asks for its current big guys.


  1. These are so cool. I have Troll 1 from the top, and he is in the queue to be a big guy on my Chaos Renegades team, I love that model, it's a great sculpt.

  2. For me I think Troll 2 goes to Chaos Pact since he just looks the evilist with the Skull fist armor.