Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lego Star Wars Slave 1

This is the other Lego Star Wars set that I got for Christmas, Slave 1. Set comes with the ship, Boba Fett, Bossk, Han Solo plus carbonite. This set came out in 2010 and is nearing the end of its production cycle. Lego has dropped it from its online store but it is still available on Amazon where mine came from after a failed order with Toys R Us.

Here is the Boba Fett minifigure. Add a bit to the standard blaster to make it Boba Fett's. Lots of details on the helmet and breast plate. Pretty solid job on this figure.

Here is the Han Solo in Carbonite. Really nice looking. The underside has two bars for the minifigure Han Solo to hold onto.

The ship has stowage for placing the frozen Solo.

The ship has a nice big clear window on the cockpit.

It also has a collection of hidden flick fire missiles. The red ones right beyond the cockpit are actuated with a button on the back. They really do not fly much beyond out of the cockpit.

When the ship is flying, the wings rotate down and Boba in the cockpit also rotates to the top facing out. You can just make him out in the picture.  It is a neat little feature and explains why he seems to be facing backward in the two previous photos.

The underside has more detailing than the Millennium Falcon with some well defined engines.

Overall this is a good kit. The ship looks great and is pretty substantial but the list cost is 80 dollars which is pretty high. Deals are going to be hard to come by now that it is disappearing from retail. Ofcourse this is the third Boba Fett Slave 1 and one Jango Fett Slave 1 so just wait a year or two and they will have another new one out that will be more expensive than the last one.


  1. This blows my first edition Slave I away, this is absolutely huge and the mini-fig selection is fantastic.

  2. One of the problems with the set is that Bossk is green instead of yellow.