Friday, September 7, 2012

Everyone is Talking FAQ so why not me?

So I was looking at the GW 40K 6e new FAQ and saw that they changed the look out sir rule and who qualified for using it.  These changes were not just standard FAQ clearing up issues these were rule rewrites which means unless they update the text in the future printings which they probably won't everyone will need to carry their printout FAQs since some people never get the memo.  It looked like they had more than 1 page of real rule changes now which leaves me of two minds:

Good for GW that they got on top of this after only like 2-3 months after release to fix some of the rules that were not working out.  Before we were waiting years to get answers so months is certainly better.

Bad for GW that they have to actually change rules (as opposed to just clarify poor wording) to remove glaring problems that are obvious to anyone who looks at the game as played in the real world.  You are the biggest player in the wargaming world and this is the 6th edition of the game.  There should be no draft rules that you are just checking out in the printed rulebook that has probably now been sold 100K people at 75 dollars a piece or in 100 dollar starter sets.  If you believe your rules are worth the 75 dollars then have some balls and act like you meant the game to work the way you wrote it or better yet write good rules into the rulebook the first time.


  1. My only applicable comment would be a hearty, "Hear, hear!"

  2. The FAQ part seems to go on forever also.