Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Warhammer 40K Article on Slate Magazine

Slate magazine has an article on Warhammer 40K up today.  Just a fluff piece.  The article is focused on military members playing the game but overall is a general article about the game.  Not very deep, just some basic descriptions of wargaming in general and 40K in specific and a little history of the genre.  It is a more positive article than you normal find in mainstream media for gaming.  As an article looking at it through military members (ie adults) they do not ask about corrupting the kids or any of that normal negativity.  Did not see any mention of weird guys in basements but they did use the term nerd to describe players.  I am totally a nerd/geek since my real job is to design and build lasers and scientific instrumentation so I cannot really contest them on that fact.  Quick read worth it just to see what people are saying about us as oppose to learning anything about the wargaming hobby.

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