Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weird, Google has apparently lost all my Page Views

I noticed that my popular posts in the side bar was only showing 1 post today so I was trying to figure out why and it appears as if google lost all my pageviews.  While most of my posts only get 30-50 page views some of the lego stuff was over 7000 views.  Anyone elses page view stats float off into the ether.

Anyway.  Miniature giveaway (Chainmail Dwarves plus a few extras) should be up this week.  Also might update the contents of the Bargain bin as I have some 2ed Blood Bowl Humans available now.


  1. Yep. All of our pageviews vanished too. Hopefully they don't lose anything else.

  2. Looks like the found them from my popular post list.

  3. Took a little while, but they all appear back in place now for me (automatically). Hope you guys recovered yours as well.