Monday, November 5, 2012

Lego Lord of the Rings: Attack at Weathertop

Here we have the first of the Lego Lord of the Rings sets that I have picked up, Attack at Weathertop.  It is one of the middle sized sets priced at about 60 dollars.  Lego has priced these sets very high, similar to Star Wars sets so you pretty much have to be getting them on sale to even get close to what the unlicensed set would be.   I have been waiting for a good sale on some of the smaller sets at some local stores.  Weathertop is really a huge ruin so this is really just a tiny representation.

 You get 3 members of the fellowship, Frodo with sting and the one ring (my set had 3 of these in it), Merry (only set he is in), and Aragorn.

You also get 2 Ring Wraiths with 2 of the new horses in black which will go nicely with any evil knights is your collection.  The horses have a new pose shown in the picture.  The wraiths are almost all black with a worn clock and no faces.   Put a normal cape on them and a face and you have a nice Return of the Jedi Luke figure.

One of the scenes you have set up is the hobbits cooking with fire on the side of the old fortress while Frodo sleeps.

This ofcourse draws the ring wraiths to them.  Stabbed Frodo has a different face while he waits to be rescued by Aragon on the upper level.

 There is a trap door which sort of drops minifigures down.

Here is the other side bottom.  The set has some nice details.  I like the microfigures as statues but where does that door lead.

These stairs are also pretty cool from the lower to upper level.

Here is the inside that the door leads to.  You have a weapon rack on the left which the model going down the trap door hits.  I have no idea what the back hooks on the right side are supposed to be that think that the inclusion of flick fires on the right is just stupid.  The torch mounts and again microfigures statues are cool.

The set has cool figures and tons of weapons but the size is just a small.  It is a set for are very important set of scenes but it is just to small for such a large place.  You cannot really fit the figures properly on top for battles.  The curved structure makes it pretty hard to expand out of your existing collections.


  1. $60 ouch. :( I think the price got hiked heavily on the figures, but you kind of needed them. It does seem rather small like you say.

    I think you are outside the US right? I know Toys R US in the US has large 20% Lego inventory sales a few times a year and more often towards the Christmas shopping time. Sometimes the sales are online and or store only so you might have some luck.

  2. I live in the US. I have many schemes for lego purchases. I try to divide the sets into sets I really want, sets I am interested in, series that I like. Sets that I really want I try to wait until 20-25% off retail. Series that I like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings I will generally pick up any set in the 33-50% off range. And once sets get to more than 50% off I will generally buy almost anything to either add the bricks or hold onto for birthday party gifts.

    For example 2 weeks ago I picked up a Jedi Shuttle and a Creator Light House each for 20 dollars which is 66% and 50% off retail. I have also gotten a Pharaoh Quest Pyramid and a Pirates Queen Annes Revenge at about 75% off this year.

    Toys R Us has often buy one get one 50% off which seems like a good deal as you can get essentially 25% off your sets. This has 2 problems. First you have to want to sets of at the same price to get the best savings. Secondly Toys R Us marks up lego above MSRP by 10-15 % on average so a good part of the discount just cancels this markup.

    I used to be able to gets sets at Borders using coupons at like 33-40% off retail but then they started to mark up the sets and then went out of business.

  3. I agree on the buying theory. I generally get what I like. My wife loves anything mostly creative. I never can find Lego at good discounts like you have. Sometimes at Wally world, but they are bad sets like sponge bob.

    Interesting news about Toys R US. They tend to have everything where others have some. I'll have to look for better sales now.

    Yep it is sad Borders went south. :( Barnes has some sets, but not worth the price points. The cost of the architect sets are stupid imo.

  4. Great review, loved all the pics. Keep 'em coming!

  5. This specific set actually came from Barnes and Noble online for about 40 dollars shipped. My local Barnes and Noble does not have a good selection of legos but another one by some places my wife likes to go has a better selection.