Sunday, November 11, 2012

X-Wing Game on Sale at Target this Week

I saw in my local target ad that they have the Fantasy Flight X-Wing game on sale at Target this week for 30 dollars.  This is similar to the price of many online gaming stores.  Still to expensive for 3 ships for me but Frontline Gamer suggested buying 2 sets to really be able to play the game with X-wings and Tie Fighters then add more of the different ships.  I have not seen any of the expansion packs there so I think you will still need to get those online or at a specialist shop.


  1. Dispatched She Who Must BE Obeyed to Target. She returned with two boxes and they have been placed back for Christmas, foiled again.


    1. I expected to see more sales on them but I did manage to pick up two boxes way later on clearance at a target. Pretty much 2 for the regular price of one.