Tuesday, April 30, 2013

No More Metal: GW says good bye to Metal Models

Rumors on the interweb say that GW is phasing all the metal models out of production.  Now most of the current lines have already been converted to finecast but the Specialist Games which I am a fan have not and will probably now officially go the way of the Do-Do with no models produced at all.  Seems sort of strange since I would phase out the models when the molds need replacing to strecth the production run as long as possible.  So if there are a few metal items out there that you want might have to get the direct.  Or this could be a plot to get people to buy the old models to clear out the inventory before the year end in May.  GW got some of my money for the first time is over 2.5 years and likely the last time unless they release a Blood Bowl boxed game in the fall.

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