Monday, May 20, 2013

GW Australia Cannot Even Move Disappearing Product?

So as we all know GW put the gun to the head of specialist games and pulled the trigger but decided on doing it quietly with a silencer since they did not really want to sell people products that are still profitable and they were able to produce.  So in the wave of panic buying as products stop being available GW USA has run out of many things.  This does not prevent them from selling them to you only shipping them.

GW Australia does not appear to have this problem.  Do I think they were well stock before the fall?  No, I think that the prices are specialist games stuff was already pretty insane and the extra Australia markup just pushed it over the top.  Now GW USA needs to call them and get this stuff shipped here since they would probably sell most of it in a day or two.

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  1. Ye as normal GW not giving a dam about there customers, and ending the unsupported specialist range. On top of how they treat Australian customers.