Monday, May 6, 2013

May may also be a long Month

So Reaper sent out their Bones kickstarter update.  They started shipping at the end of March with just the vampire boxes and moved onto vampire plus vampire component options.  I expect the order with the optional minis to start shipping right after that about apparently they did not actually have them so they cannot ship them.  They noted that the 2nd wave should be arriving soon that it contains many of the larger models but the way it was phrased made me think that it was not going to have all the optional minis in it.  So now I wondering if my multiple optional minis are all going to be in this wave or will I be sitting and waiting until June.


  1. I'd forgotten about my Bones pledge - then your post and one over on Frontline Gamer got me thinking about it - bit of a joke to think it finished up nearly a year ago and yet nothing has yet eventuated down here in Oz.

    I'm sliding towards the wary of kickstarter camp after this and Sedition Wars delays.

  2. Even if they have gotten 15 or the 21 optional sets in, I had 11 so about half. Assuming that the 15 are random then the chances of me getting my order from this shipment is only like 2.5%. Even if you only have like 3 things it is about 36%. Hopefully they are not random which might help peoples odds but if you got more than just a couple the wait is not close to over probably.