Friday, June 14, 2013

How Many X-Wing Waves Left?

So I have been following the X-wing releases.  I am a big star wars fan but did not need another game but I am wondering what comes next.  Release 3 has the tie bomber, B Wing, Dark Forces guys ship, and Imperial Shuttle.  That leaves pretty much nothing on the small scale left from the original trilogy.  You can get Expanded Universe with the X-Wing PC games and get Tie Defender, Assault Gunboat, and Z-95 Head Hunter.  Maybe get the Rebel Transport from the Empire Strikes Back as a bigger ship but their does not appear to be much else.  Something like the Blockade Runner would be several hundred dollars so not likely for mass production and fill the standard play space.

Do they put out different X-Wings and such with different cards and color schemes but they sort of already did that with the single ship versions to what comes in the starter box.  If they say put out a new Y-Wing do they discontinue the old one.


  1. I had considered this. I think we are looking at the game through a mini wargamer/collector eye when the target audience is just off frequency from that. A fellow at work is a gamer (video, tabletop, you name it) but hates the "arts and crafts" aspect of mini-wargaming. He tried to get into Hordes but ended up bartering with me to just assemble them. X-Wing hits his sweet spot, and he owns multiples of everything. Once all the ships are released (and perhaps cosmetic variants) there is still plenty of money to be made on scenario expansions or accessories like asteroids. I'm sure my coworker will pre-order any/every thing they produce.

  2. Mike

    Good point. I am certainly in the collector group. Also probably to used to GW of always need new releases. A good game can keep selling the same ships for years.