Wednesday, July 31, 2013

X-Wing Mini Game: My First Impressions

So as I noted earlier, I picked up the X-wing game on Friday.  I went through the rules and even got a quick play version of the game played after the kids family birthday party on Saturday with my brother in law.  There is a lot to like with the game.

I enjoy the movement mechanics.  The little wheel is a good why to fix the movements to make it like simultaneous movement with the actions to allow some reactive play and more depth to the tactics.  I would have loved the game to really take the 3D nature of space into account but that is pretty hard on a board game.

The facing and basic shooting both work well.  The list building is going to be baised for people who have more ships since certain upgrade cards can be used over a range of ships and might not come in all those ship's packages.  Not total sure about how that works.

I got two starter boxes and will look at add a ship or two a month to fill out the forces.

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