Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lego Star Wars Mini Z-95 Headhunter

 While I was away on a business trip back in June, I was able to pick this up.  Lego sends different polybaged sets to different retailers (Target, Walmart, Toys'r'us) and I really only get them at Target so I had never seen this one.  It was the last one so I got it.  Ofcourse when I got home I saw that this was the set that my local Meijer was getting so a little bit of a let down on the found object but that is ok.

Here it is built. Pretty basic construction but I do note that Lego is pretty loose the on scale for polybag models.  This Z-95 is longer than the similar X-wing.

I also came with a piece I had never seen before.  This smooth round stud.  Not bad for the standard impulse buy.  I am waiting to get the mini-figure scale one that was released earlier this year.

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