Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Space Hulk Video Game Means More Interest in Space Hulk Probabilities.

So I was noticing some increased traffic to my series about the probabilities in the Space Hulk game that I did a few years ago.  I was sort of confused by this but then I remembered that someone just released a Space Hulk video game.  I have not really looked into the game so I cannot say if it is just a transfer of the boardgame to computer so the probabilities will hold but maybe it is.

I studied the probabilities of events for every possible die roll/attack combination in space hulk and have it broken down in a series of posts that can be found here or follow the link in the right side bar to the space hulk probability page.  So if you like Space Hulk or Math go check it out.  Interesting just yesterday Spikey Bits had a post up about club dice and how they affect rolling but the comments to the post suggested that the person was talking out of his ass as he did not do any testing and people have tested GW and Chessex standard dice in the past had the affects were opposite as he suggested with 1s being statistically more common than expected.  Maybe I will have to pull out my space hulk set and try those dice to see how they roll in real game conditions.  That is a lot of rolling and tabulating.


  1. The new Space Hulk game from Full Control is a pretty good copy of 3rd ed Space Hulk. All 12 missions plus a couple of training missions. Will eventually have more missions and a map making capability.

    1. Thanks for the info. I have definitely seen some people looking at the space hulk posts again.