Sunday, August 25, 2013

What to talk about next?

I mainly use this blog to archive my model collections since I am a hoarder as I have a hard time getting out of the house to play during normal hours when I am not at work.  So I have picked up a ton of new stuff since I was actively updating the blog on a more regular basis.  I have new Epic models (Current Space Marine and Eldar Lines), new Blood Bowl models(Humans, Lizardmen, Big Guys, Star Players), all those reaper Bones, Legend of Drizzt board game, X-Wing Mini game, and Lego sets both of the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings variety.

If I look at the long term hits that posts get I should concentrate on Lego since those get more hits but seems to be people not really interested in the Blog.  I am guessing it is mainly people looking to buy the sets.  Ofcourse I sometimes get emails from people trying to buy my other minis but everything that is for sale right now is listed in the Bargain Bin.

I also get more short term hits on 40K stuff but as I am still not active there and will not be for this edition I am guessing due to my dislike of both the Allies and Flyer rules not to mention GW's general tomfoolery.

Anyone have anything they are interested in seeing more off.


  1. I enjoy your posts on Epic models.

    1. Just got some pictures of some new epic stuff so will get it up in the future.