Wednesday, September 11, 2013

254 Space Marines

So I was recently commenting somewhat negatively on someones Space Marine Codex post.  Mainly minor disagreements over mainly what he did not like in the codex (not everything is candy coated with chocolate).  No nasty name calling.  Someone else commented about space marines are getting a fair amount of negative commentary from people who no longer really play but still feel vested due to the money and effort they already put into the game and army.  I think he is right.  I would love for 40K to be a fun balanced game where I can write up reasonable lists using any units in a single codex and play with some chance of winning regardless of what the other side rolls up with.  That is why you have points costs instead of just playing will whatever models you can afford to buy (ie Magic/Pokemon).

I wondered how vested I was and went to the garage and unpacked my marines to take an inventory.  The picture above is outdated from several years ago.  I went through all my infantry models and broken them down by armor, equipment, veteran status, and such.  It added up to 254 space marine infantry models made up of 38 scouts, 31 terminators (not including space hulk ones that are forever part of that game not for 40k), 29 jump back marines, and the remainder normal power armor after the 2 servitors are removed.   Probably with a little slack on WYSIWYG I could field at the same time an Infantry Battle Company and a First Company.  I have about 20 unbuilt marines also that have been sitting in the bit box since nothing I can build I really need or am interested in building.  Added in 2 Dreads, 2 Landspeeder, 2 Vindicators, 9 Bikes, 2 Razorbacks, 1 Rhino, 1 Predator (+1 Uncut), 1 Whirlwind, and 1 partially built Crusader.

So you can say I am pretty vested.  I want the codex to draw me back in after the super mecha 5th ed and the totally up you I got to my small nid army when they redid that codex in 5th.  They fixed the mech issue in 6th but then doubled down on the up you with allies and flyers.  So I might pick up a sternguard box to help clear those unbuilt marines  as I do enjoy the modeling with new bits but dropping about 110 for rules to get into the game.  No I am fine.  See you is 3-4 years again.  Maybe your new owners will have you do better then but probably not.


  1. I am in the same boat as you owning Space marines. I once built a buddy of mine a 1500 point Space marine army from my bits boxes. The new codex has me doing an inventory of the white scar bits I bought back in third edition for a possible new army. I already have the 6th ed rules but I am also having a hard time paying to pick up the new codex, no matter how cool some of the new models are.


    1. I had already sold or traded some of the stuff. Tristan at GWpertinent got a black reach dread from me for some blood bowl pieces if I recall. I once dreamed of a bike army but a tac squad is now 40 which is about what a third of a bike squad costs.

      The white scars sound like a good list this time but then I just assign money grubbing motives to gw for it since those armies are so pricey.