Monday, September 30, 2013

Epic Mark II Rhino Blister

Today we are looking at the modern Mk II Rhino blister for Epic.   This blister comes with 6 rhinos when complete which provides the rhinos for 2 tactical formations or 3 devastator formations.   Space Marines get Rhinos as part of their cost so you need about 1 of these packs per 1000 points in your core forces.

Here we see the front of the rhino.  Hatch and stormbolter modeled on along with basic headlights and vision slits.

The top and side.

Rear hatch is there.

Nice details on the side with the hatch and engine exhaust.

Here we do see some poor cast in the top hatch.  So not only finecast has bubbles and such.  This will probably need to be made a battle damage. Overall these part pretty neat tiny little rhinos and are different enough from the Mark I to want to have if you have more modern than Heresy era components in the army.  I got two packs of these but one rhino was missing and could not be replaced so that covers 2 Tactical and 2 Devastator Detachments with an extra to change the Devastator to Tactical.  I also have 4 drop pods which will allow 4 units to be dropped.  Those I think have better synergy with Devastators plus Dreadnoughts as they have more stand off punch than the tactical squads so if they get stuck someplace after drop they can still add something.

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