Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Expanding Blog Roll

Since I have become active again at posting, I have decided to update my blogroll.  I have added several new blogs who long ago were nice enough to have me in theirs.  So take a look there on the left.  I bet you will find something cool out there.  I also resigned up for the Bell of Lost Souls Alliance.  I was a member back in 09 but at some point got drop during a reorganization.  BoLS Alliance does bring a some new traffic so if you are coming from there and this is your first time here, you can check out several of my major posts or series over on the right.  We have Blood Bowl Collection Index, Epic Collection Index, Lots of Lego's in the popular posts as they have a much broader search audience than miniature gaming, everything you ever wanted to know about mathematics in Space Hulk, and traditional 40K topics there as well.

If you want to do a blog roll exchange with me just send me an email.
eriochrome on hotmail with the standard corporate ending.  


  1. Hi!
    Can`t find your mail...can i join your blog roll,please?


    1. Done, I still remember the traffic you sent me a few years ago after highlighting as epic post. On another topic did you see Metallica on Colbert yesterday (probably not as you are Spanish I believe) but I was surprised that they played "For Whom the Bell Tolls"