Monday, September 16, 2013

Lego Minifigures Series 11

So we were at Target and found the display for Series 11 lego collectable minifigures.  We had seen them in the recent lego club magazine and while I did not really love many of them my wife and daughter both thought we needed a fair number of them.  I actually did not find all the ones we were looking for as they seemed to have a ton of certain ones but zero of others.  I wanted to get the Tiki Warrior and Scarecrow and did not find either in like 60 figures checked.  Here are the first 3 we opened as we are saving the others for behavior bribes.   We have a barbarian, yeti, an drive in waitress.

 The barbarian has printing on the back and arms but the head is only one sided.

The waitress has a neat little tray which she holds on the bottom and pick skates.

The waitress does have a double sided face.  She looks like some gave her a bad tip.

We also have an Santa Elf, Gingerbread man, female scientist, Baravarian Girl, and female robot.

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