Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reaper Kickstarter Finally Coming to a Close

I got an email yesterday that Reaper is processing my request for my missing pathfinder dragon pieces (missing one arm and upper half of head) and replacement models for 1 paladin with flaming sword missing shield and forearm and 1 lizardman model whose arms were glued on with like a 2 mm gap.  So they are really finally getting done close to 13 months after the kickstarter closed and payment made.  That is a pretty long time to wait to get what you paid for.  I have not seen any of the models at retail yet but I honestly do not get into a gaming store more than once every couple of months.  It will be interesting to see if these models have any legs at the retail level where they are usually still a good deal or everyone who wants them either has them or will pick them up on the secondary market.  I remember Sandwyrm posting on Back40K on how one of his local stores has a selection of Dreadball stuff on sale since everyone who was interested had a good amount of stuff from the kickstarter.  Kickstarter project seem to encourage people to just get a ton of stuff but does seem to make the products more 1 off as opposed to something you can grow a community around.  If your friends got all this stuff at a great discount and now think you should shell out at a much more expensive price to join the fun you might be less inclined and think it is sort of unfair.  Sort of reminds me of the very beginning of Magic where the they dropped a selection of grades that were in the original black bordered and first wide release that were pretty good from the next set.  So if you were playing against people who had been playing a while you were doubly disadvantaged as not only were they likely to have more cards than you but had cards you could not even get in a retail pack anymore.  Similar things happened with the first expansions where their just were not enough packs to go around.  I think I got like 2 packs of Arabian Nights but one had a City in a Bottle in it so I always had that in my decks at that time.

Going forward I will have more reviews of the bigger models going forward so stay tuned if you are interested in getting some of these at retail.

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