Friday, October 11, 2013

Does GW need a 40K Lite?

So I was thinking about the issues of getting people into 40K with its very high start up cost.  They have their start up box but that is 100% more expensive than it was when I started with 40K with the 4th edition starter set at like 48 dollars for 10 Marines, 1 Pilot, 6 Genestealers, ~10 Termigaunts, 6 spore mines, 1 crashed lander terrain set, mini rulebook, and scenario booklet.  So compared to the current set you get fewer units but you get some terrain and you got a mini campaign of missions that helped people learn the rules while having fun.  You might have only played the missions once or twice but they were much better than just line up the models and read the 80 page rulebook to play.  They also had download missions that used other models in the armys to encourage you to buy more models but at least the missions were free.

Now 40K lite is not supposed to be combat patrol since that uses the full rulebook and all the codexes special rules but would be for similar level lists on the 250-750 point range with some shortening of the general rules and special rules.  Not totally sure what rules would go to the chopping block.  Movement and coherence probably stays the same except for running. Shooting would be similar with most of the shortening done in eliminating many of the weapon special rules or types.  Close Combat would be also the same except probably all power weapons types would reduced to classic powerswords AP3 and all fist types I1 and AP2.  Units losing combats and failing leadership would probably just be removed.  ICs might be limited significantly and Psykers probably limited to a single list of powers.  Vehicles would probably be pretty similar just with a bunch of the special rules removed.  Missions would be simpler.  Army lists are truncated and repointed for the rules in the game.

Currently they have the basic digital rules for like 35 dollars but that does not include army lists so you would want a price point lower than this but not just the digitial.  Say 20 dollars for the 40k lite and army lists which is the cost of  2 white dwarf magazines which would probably be the right format as a glossy magazine. They could use it as an add on item for the starter set as it has the unit rules you need to play and add a few more units to the game before getting into the minirule book.  It could also be sold as an add on item for battle forces for new players.  This is not something targetting people who spend time reading 40K blogs but more for the young ones to help them get going without having to convince their parents that they need to spend 200 dollars for the starter set and the those two codexes to actually play the game.

Maybe just a single glossy magazine with minicodexes for all the armies would be a optional also.  Ten dollars should buy like 100-150 pages which should be enough to get about half the units in each army written up in a usable way which could be used as an add in free bee for the starter set or to go with the full rulebook.


  1. I think they would be better off either making the full 40K rules free to download, like Infinity and Warpath, or designing a very simple game using some of the core mechanics of 40K, but not attempting to be as detailed.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Ofcourse they would be better off making the rules and codexes free downloads but they are not going in that direction. They are making more and more expensive rules and making people pay 40 dollars for supplements that should be white dwarf articles.

      The simple game they should also make free but again I was trying to think like GW and figure out what they might do and a magazine style publication I think would be there best bet be it a quick start game or just a mini codex set.