Thursday, January 16, 2014

GW Sales Down 10% and Share Price Down 20%

Not much more to say than the title.  GW sales for the half year were down more than 10% and that announcement caused the stock to crash down 22.5% back to levels last seen in 2012.   Since the peak last year they are down 33%.  The new price moves the P-E ratio back to the reasonable range at 15.6 but that might be on the high side as the company is going the wrong direction.  Interesting it looks like a serious player sold some stock yesterday as the volume has so spikes at the 700K share level.  Making those sales yesterday instead of today netted(saved) that investor over 1M pounds.  They talk last year about returning to real volume growth so they appear to have missed the mark.

They are also reorganizing sales management and moving all trade sales under a global head in UK which is a pretty bad idea as trade sales are significantly different things to deal with in the USA with very few GW locations and more saturated market like the UK. 

I know I said I was not really going to be talking about GW but this is a significant sales shortfall.  It is not like they were not pumping out products from June to November.  The new space marines codex was just in September.  I will note that GW did not have a uniform price increase last year instead raising prices on new releases so they will probably take from this results that they should have raised prices like 10%.

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