Thursday, January 2, 2014

X-Wing Mini Game: Falcon vs 2 Ties and Advanced

Before the holidays, my family spent a few nights on the other side of town with visiting both my in-laws and my mother, brother, his wife and daughter.  Even though it was only like 1-1.5 hour drive over the weather forced us to speed two nights at my in-laws.  I decided to pack up my X-wing stuff to try to get in a few games with my brother who got me started in gaming like 3 decades ago now but such events are tough to get going with a 1.5, 2.5, and 7.5 year old kids around needing attention.

I did get in a game with my brother-in-law late one night though.  This was his second time playing the game verses me.  The first time we did the quick play with my 2 ties defeating his X-wing.  This time we tried a 50 point kill off.  He had the falcon piloted by Chewie with veteran instincts and Luke in the gunner chair.  I had 2 ties and a tie advanced.  One of the ties was the named pilot who gets free focus tokens from green moves.

We went at it and it was a slaughter.  I did a horrible job of flying my ties in formation and had them  run into each other and the falcon while I tried to chase him and he just lazily flew in a circle slowly blasting my ships.   This mainly cost me actions that I need to get focus/target locks to bring him down.  The rebels escaped with more than half of their shields remaining as the tie pilots all suck vacuum.  At the end we noticed that we were not even remembering all of Luke's rules as I was treating him as a basic gunner so I should have gone down even faster.

I did learn some things about moving and looked more closely at those templates but I doubt that I could have downed him with out a lot of luck.  Probably need the 4 cheap tie swarm to have a shot against that load out since I was always going last.

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  1. I bet you'll do better next time!

    Happy new year!