Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Imperial Knights Shrink 25%

Apparently GW messed up the height in the initial preorder.  It was reported initially as 8 inches which people thought was high based on the shot next to the nid that had leaked but maybe just rounded up.  Well now the preorder page has them listed at 6 inches instead.   That also makes it about 25% shorter than the Ork Stompa kit that is 115.50 dollars currently.  GW seems to be rushing with both the preorders and White Dwarfs as errors/omissions are all over the place. 

In other news I see that Codex: Imperial Knights is listed at 41 dollars which makes it pretty close in cost to what you would expect for a print copy of the Inquisition Codex.  I really do not expect very much in this.  Rules from white dwarf clarified plus some named Knights which might have an extra ability or something.  Maybe it will include all the standard rules for Super Heavies not in the basic rulebook so that you can use the knights without the Apoc or Escalation books but that is probably asking to much.

Ofcourse the Dreamforge Leviathan is listed at 8.5 inches tall making it the big brother.  So maybe that 75 dollars plus shipping sale even without a weapon/mask swaps is an even better deal.

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