Friday, February 28, 2014

Last Day for Dreamforge Games Leviathans Sale

Today is the last day for the Dream Forge Games Sale on their Leviathans and accessories.   You can get 1 of each of the two designs plus one extra ranged weapon of your choice for just over 200 dollars shipped in the US.  That gives you 2 ranged weapons (right handed rotary cannon and another of your choice) and 3 close combat weapons (plasma sword, right handed fist, and death sickle).  Seems like a pretty solid deal for 8.5 inch models that have a high degree of positioning options.  The design is a little strip down compared to GW standard high gothic but it is more realistic in terms of war engines are not there to be things of beauty but to kill stuff.

Two of these is too much new modeling for me personally right now but I would love to see a setup from them in the future where you pick you core body and then any two weapons for about 100 plus shipping.  They will still be under selling even discounted GW stuff and essentially have all the customization you really need.   Dream Forge Games has report that the response to the sale has been great and he expects to have all the product inbound by mid march so if you are ordering now you will have to wait a little bit to get you big mecha action started.


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    1. Your welcome.

      It should be noted that we at Sons of Twilight take our FTC reporting requirements seriously other than many other blogs.

      Until that comment I have had no communication with Dreamforge games, and wrote my post purely to inform fellow gamers of the sale.

  2. Very true, I did not even know it was your kit that had the sprue issue ;) looking forward to your build.