Monday, March 31, 2014

Lego Star Wars Sith Infiltrator

Another out of production Lego Star Wars set to look at today.  This is the most recent Sith Inflitrator set, 7961, that came out in 2011.  I have it a little while and finally got some photos taken for you guys.  This is the third version of the ship produced by lego so lets see what it has.  You get long narrow ship, 4 minifigures plus the hoverbike and two probe driods.

The heroes are Qui-Gon Jinn who is available in several other sets, Padme Naberrie who is much less available, and Captain Panaka who only appears in this set.  All of the minifigures have double sided torsos but only Padme has a double sided head.

They are all pretty good minifigures and as I avoided most of the episode 1-3 sets all are new to me.

But of course the star of the show is Darth Maul.  He has a little hover bike to speed him around Tatoonie and two little probe droids to help find that darn missing Queen.

He can be built with a cap and cowl along with his double bladed lightsabre.

The cowl can he replaced by the horn head piece which is a little ring that fits onto the head stud.

With the cape off you can see the dark Jedi robes printed on the back.  Now on to the ship as that is where most of the set lies.

The cockpit of the ship has some nice curved parts but other than that it is main just plates.  Tons of angled and curved plates make up the wings and front of the ship.

The rear opens to show the crew area and a spot to store the lightsabre below which fits in pretty well.

The front of the ship is made up of a wedge that is hinged.

When the hinge is up you see where hoverbike is stored along with 2 flick fire missiles.  The two probes can be dropped like bombs using a little lever.  This is all fairly clever but since the hinge has no locks it drastically limits the swosh-ability of the ship.  The ship will probably not survive the next storage contraction and will be broken down for pieces.  It is not original trilogy so that is what it probably deserves.

This ship works into Lego's Star Wars strategy where they use exclusive minifigures to try to sell sets that are very similar to older ones and maybe not even as good.  A new play scale B-Wing is coming out this summer.  It looks very much like my current B-Wing but has new pilots with new helmet designs which I would guess are in the softer plastic that they use for some of the more 1 off type pieces (funky hair and accessories).   I am not made of money so will probably pass on that as they also have another AT-AT coming out and I started collecting Lego's just as the last one was disappearing (saw it on sale and should have gotten it) and a new Catina coming.

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